Elopement Weddings: Your questions answered!

What are they? How does Eloping work? 

Is an Elopement right for you?

Eloping has always been a great choice for couples who have any doubts about having a traditional 'big white wedding' but right now, Elopements are gaining worldwide popularity. 

This is partly because Elopements are the ideal COVID19 wedding solution! They involve minimal guests and can proceed safely and legally under most restrictions (except Level 4 / Lockdown.)

But people are not just Eloping out of necessity!  

A lot of couples find that a small, intimate wedding is absolutely perfect for them; an intentionally intimate wedding allows couples to really define their special day on their own terms, to include all the elements they love, and nothing they don't want. I have made up a couple of different Elopement Days at the bottom of this page to inspire you as to what your day could include! 

So what even is an Elopement wedding?  And why are they so popular right now?

This page is here to help you understand just what Eloping in the Coromandel Peninsula could mean for you!

I believe that an Elopement is a wedding that is deliberately intimate, meaningful to the couple, and focused on the couple and their experience.

It is a wedding that celebrates two unique individuals and their love story, THEIR way.

This usually means that an Elopement involves less than 25 or 30 people. Because with more guests, the focus of the day inevitably begin to shift away from the couple and their experience, and onto the guests experience.

Elopements do not have to be adventurous, or cheap, or quick. They can vary as widely as big weddings;
Your Elopement wedding could last all day, it could be at the beach, up a mountain, downtown or at your favorite brewery!

Eloping means that your time, money and attention can all be focused on pleasing YOURSELVES and creating a day that is perfect for you both; it can free you from having to think about pleasing your parents, conforming to traditions, placating your community or your church...

Elopement Weddings are intentionally meaningful, romantic, intimate and ultimately, they can be very liberating.

What could your Coromandel Elopement look like?

Here is a fun idea for and all-day Elopement wedding in the Coromandel Peninsula. This plan is designed for a relaxed couple who love nature and the ocean, but also enjoy the finer things in life and don't want to be hiking on their wedding day!

  • 8am - wake up in luxury in the beautiful Barn. Breakfast on coffee and pastries in the sunny garden.

  •  Drive 5 minutes to catch the passenger ferry over to Whitianga. 

  • 10am - Relax and be pampered with day spa/ massage appointments at The Lost Spring in Whitianga.

  •  Cross the Ferry, back to The Barn to get ready for the day together, dress up in your wedding finery!


  • 1:00pm - catch the Hahei Explorer boat from Hahei Beach.  Enjoy a scenic coastal tour, learn about the area and enjoy the coastline. Disembarking at a private beach.


  • 2pm -  Your intimate, personalized Wedding Ceremony at a private beach. You are now married! Congratulations!!

  • 2:30pm - Enjoy a delicious picnic and a champagne toast.


  • 3:30 pm - The Explorer stops off at Gemstone Bay, where you can swim and snorkel in the Marine Reserve, or take some more photos on the rocks.


  • 5 pm - Disembark at Hahei Beach. 

  • 6pm - return to The Barn. Your private Chef arrives to cook your favorite foods in the cosy kitchen!


  • 8:00 pm - sunset and snuggle under the stars on the beach with a blanket, your wedding cake, and a quiet whiskey or flask of tea.


  • 9:00 pm- you are exhausted and happily married!

  • Make your way home to bed at The Barn. 

My Coromandel Elopement Wedding

Thinking of the perfect Wedding Day Elopement in the Coromandel was so much fun that I decided to do one for my husband and I!

We did actually get married in the Coromandel of course, we had a Family style wedding in our own back yard, which we totally loved, but I reckon for our 10 year anniversary we might just do a Vow Renewal day that goes a little something like this...

Coromandel Elopement Wedding Day for Rob and Rose

  • 8am - wake up at beautiful Orua House above Hot Water Beach. Coffee on the deck.


  • 8:30 - Rose goes surfing, (or a jog on the beach if the surf is flat) while Rob watches from the deck with his second coffee!

  • 9:30 -breakfast together on strawberries and chocolate croissants.


  • 10am - get ready at Orua. Hair and makeup comes to us.


  • 11am- 'first look' at each other on the hill above Hot Water Beach. 


  • 11:30 get picked up by a Classic Car for a joyride over the Tairua hill to Sailors Grave Beach.


  • 12 - walk over the headland trail to Otara 

  • 12:30 our intimate wedding ceremony / vow renewal on secluded Otara Beach. Congratulations!


  • 1pm- Champagne!

  • 1:30pm We have a swim!


  • 2pm- A delicious picnic on the beach under the shade of the pohutukawa trees.

  • 2:30pm - I am really hoping for a nap in the shade at this point! Yay, we brought the bluetooth speaker for some relaxing tunes.


  • 3:30 pm -walk back to Sailors grave, back into our fancy car, now let’s drive down to Tairua for a real fruit ice cream from the organic store!


  • 6:00 pm - a relaxed dinner at Mercury Bay Estate overlooking Cooks Beach: pink champagne, pizza, Tiramisu! Yum yum I love this plan...


  • 9:00 pm-watch the sunset over Hot Water Beach from the hot tub on the deck at Orua House.