The Simple Weddings Team

Rose Muir of Simple Weddings, Photographer and Wedding Planner.
Hello, I'm Rose.

I grew up in the Coromandel and I have always loved the great outdoors, nature, beaches... And creating meaningful connections with people

While I was growing up in the Coromandel, my parents ran a successful small family business called Simple Weddings for nine years. I often helped out and attended many ceremonies as a witness. This was the last and best of my father’s many business ideas. I always enjoyed looking through Dads photos with him and giving him my design opinions, and my mother was a wonderful celebrant. 

I really admired what they had created together; I strongly believe in marriage and in enriching our lives through gratitude, celebration and ritual, and I love seeing people enjoy one of the happiest days of their lives - sharing this beautiful area of New Zealand.

My parents discontinued Simple Weddings due to Dads tragic terminal cancer diagnosis, and subsequent death in 2011.

I inherited his camera and was eventually moved to study for and receive my Diploma of Digital Photography.

Now, happily married to my long-time sweetheart and with my own beloved family, I am proud to re-establish the family business, utilizing my passion for photography, my knowledge of and love for the local area, and the services of all my friends in the community.


Simple Weddings

I use a small but mighty team of locals.

We have florists, celebrants, another photographer, hair and make-up artists who can travel to you, an excellent caterer, and more.


You will meet me, my celebrant Kaitlyn Gooch, and if you like, your other excellent photographer, who will be one of our talented locals. For bigger weddings, we use Emma of Emma Steel Photography.

We will arrange a consult with our hair and makeup artist, possibly Jodie of Rouge Beauty if desired, and I strongly recommend our excellent catering friends from Sugarfish / Picnic and Platter.

All these vendors are subject to availability, especially during our busy summer season.

As the name suggests, Simple Weddings is for people who want an intimate, authentic experience, an alternative to the fuss, stress and cost of larger or more complicated weddings.

Our clients are often eloping, sometimes to escape from having to invite their extended family and entire village back home!

We want you to be able to feel truly present in the moment and to have a meaningful and memorable wedding day.

New Zealand is a great place for same-sex couples to marry too!  It's simple.

I pride myself on being straight forward and easy to deal with. If you have any questions at all, get in touch now!

I look forward to hearing from you.

I’m Kaitlyn and I specialise in creating and holding a loving space for couples to come together and share their love.

It is my mission to make your wedding day as glorious as possible for you both – glorious, memorable, and special.

What does marriage mean to me?

To me, marriage is more than  just a commitment ceremony.


 YES, to co creating a magical life together

YES, choosing to love each other every day

YES, to being in a partnership on every level of life

YES, to living with respect and love for each other

YES, to believing in each other unconditionally

YES, to supporting each other’s dreams and goals

YES, to the hard conversations, to taking time to reflect and to always choosing to move through things together

YES, to cultivating deep, meaningful conversations

 YES, to honouring each other’s process of change and growth

YES, to moving through things as a team, and to seek help when you need it

As your celebrant, I offer support to assist you in furthering your commitment to each other and in co-creating a lifetime of magic beyond the day of your marriage.

As your celebrant I commit to help you create a unique moment in time that defines and amplifies the depth of your love, your commitment to each other, and celebrates the union of two hearts, and two lives.


I am here to support and guide you over the threshold into a truly magical, married life.

I specialise in creating a sacred space for the exchange of vows and the celebration of your love.

A  magically memorable moment shared with family and guests for all to cherish well into the future.

Kaitlyn Gooch, Celebrant